Project Description

The Upbeat Factory is purpose built for the assembly of trailers. Totaling nearly 10,000 m2 the factory is home to the Upbeat trailer company – probably the only specialized trailer company in Thailand they are experts in their field. Founded by Mr. Harry Sprangers, a Dutch national with over 20 years of experience, Upbeat produces trailers for the local market, Asian and European markets. Their tailers have top reviews and are known for excellent build quality and international standards. In fact, trailers for the local market are built to an even higher standard to withstand road conditions often more severe than other counties. Upbeat produces trailers using 3D design software applying a laser cut parts method, CNC folding and one-piece welding before full bath hot dip galvanizing. All the trailers are endorsed and licensed by the Thai Land-transportation Department, and with proper licensing (plate + blue book) automatic government third party insurance is provided.

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