Challenges inherent to the construction industry – Every project is a prototype and projects can be complex. Whilst years of time and investment go into R&D and design development in the automotive industry, the construction industry process is very different. Often a group of people unfamiliar with each other are brought together to produce a design in an unrealistic time frame. In the race to “go to tender” contract documentation is often strewn with errors, incomplete design, and uncoordinated interfaces between disciplines. Inevitable post contract design changes result in a mass of variations leading to cost increases and time overruns.


The Museum of the Future, Dubai UAE, dubbed the most complex building in the world.

CNDCM strives to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. We are pro-active in mitigating the impact of change orders and our technical input assists the coordination effort. Working with the design team to find better solutions adds further value to our service. We focus on working with clients to develop long-term open relationships resulting in win-win outcomes. CNDCM has constructed numerous complex projects and has gained a reputation for delivering quality buildings. The future of construction continues to move towards a manufacturing mentality where modularization of bespoke and complex designs is the key to success and BIM will play an increasingly important role

ISO 9001

CNDCM is considered one of the top construction firms in Thailand in terms of quality and it has received ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management system from Bureau Veritas Certification.

ISO 140001

CNDCM is committed to protecting the environment and takes great care in managing any negative impact construction might have on surrounding ecosystems. CNDCM has created and strives to continually improve our environmental management system and continually reviews the system for suitability.